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What Is The Importance Of Religion In Our Society


Welcome  to another post on little about everything . I hope this article finds you all in great spirits and good health.  So today, I was a little apprehensive in writing an article on the importance of religion as it is a very risky subject. I have no wish to offend anybody nor discriminate.

What Is Religion ?

what is religion

What I understand by the term Religion is that the people belonging to it believe in a higher being who is omnipresent, eternal, all- powerful and very kind.

People belonging to a certain  religion are categorized by

  • worship of a particular God
  • leading lives according to a  set of rules and regulations
  • practicing a form of worship, which connects them to God.

In Today’s world we know various religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc and we can find out that all these religions follow different forms of worship and stand apart from each other with their unique sets of beliefs and practices.

With our birth, we follow the religion practiced by our elders who in turn have learnt these from their ancestors. The knowledge is being passed on from generations and people still make it a point to inculcate religion into their lives as it gives a meaning to this life. By having faith in an all powerful loving God who is there to take care of us brings a sense of hope and optimism in one’s life.

Importance Of Religion

According to me, religion plays a very important role in one’s life. Subconsciously, they mold the personality and character of its believers through the various teachings and beliefs present in their holy books and traditions.

I personally feel that, With the help of religion you teach a person how to lead a good and pious life . All the religions teach kindness, love and helping nature which is essential for a peaceful co-existence without conflicts and hatred. Even if a person looses his family at an earlier age when guidance and tutoring is necessary, they may learn to choose the right path with the help of religion.

importance of religion

  • Religion also helps in bonding people. People are more helpful and tend to help someone who follows and practices the same religion or faith. All of them come together for a common belief and ideals as it enables them to understand and experience their traditions, practices with more meaning.
  • Religion also acts as a regulator. Religion plays an important role by teaching its followers how to live in our society in an acceptable manner. For example, religions teach us to be honest, kind, loving, truthful etc which lays down foundation for a successful and a peaceful society.
  • Religion gives meaning to life. It helps us to get answers to some basic questions such as why did we take birth? what is the purpose of this life? why do we do what we do? what is my role in this world? etc. By knowing and understanding these questions helps man to lead a more meaningful and a satisfied life.
  • Religion teaches us to be more charitable and benevolent. It makes us to think about the welfare of our society and the people in it.
  • Religious festivals brings together families, spread joy and cheer among people.

I know the list can go  on and on , so let me put a stop here or else you might doze off. 😀

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One thought on “What Is The Importance Of Religion In Our Society

  1. I like that you said that religion helps to live a life without conflict. I have read a lot about different religions and I agree that none of them say anything about creating conflict, but they more focus on peace and love. This is definitely something that needs to be promoted more, not just in religion.

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