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What does this mean ??

what does this mean

What does this mean ??

One question, whose answers can make hell into heaven and if not careful, can make boon,a bane.One question that can make or break a person. One question which can take you to the top or make you come crashing down.

What does this mean ?

In my opinion, most of our decisions in life come from the answers to this question.

For example, you got a job . Now what does this mean? Your immediate future is secured. Time to plan the next step.

You are having health issues. What does this mean ? Either you are not taking good care of yourself (obviously :p) or your body is undergoing unwanted changes. Based on that, you plan to visit the doctor or not.

The above examples might be quite obvious and might not truly show its potential.

Let me share my experience on how this question changed my perspective of life.

One Saturday, my friends decided to go to a nearby beach. Being a lovely and bright day I decided to go along with them. After spending lot of time in the water and playing games, we all took a snacks break.

I was looking down the port area which had lot of rocks near the shore.This is when a thought crossed my mind, a rock that is firm in the ground, faces the water and the wind head on. It takes on the relentless attacks by the water bravely and patiently, and all the time never budges from its position.

Now when a tree tries to do the same thing against water or wind, it fails. Most of the trees get uprooted or break into pieces.

What does this mean ?

If we apply this to our life, will we get victory when we fight against our troubles like the rock or will we get blown away by our challenges, despite our efforts like the trees ?

trees and rocks in harsh conditions

I was confused. This one question led me to another one and threw me into a dilemma. I began to think about all those advice that the leaders of different areas or our elders give when we face trouble solving or achieving something. How did they knew about all these things ? How did their elders got to know about them. How did the first man realize these things? What was his inspiration ? The answer to the last question somehow struck me immediately. The Nature (obviously :p).

All the advises that are given to us have been derived based on other’s experiences and their observations.

Now I wondered what did they observe in the two situations. Surprisingly for my pea sized brain, I realized something. The rock always had stronger base than the tree because which it was able to withstand all those attacks .Even though the tree was big, its base is not as strong as the rock because of which even though it was big in size, it was not able to stand against its enemies. Now this might not be a right deduction but at that moment it felt right.

May be based on this our elders suggested that stronger the base, bigger your chances of success. I was able to easily apply this to our life. If you study hard (have a good foundation in your subject), stronger the chances of you joining a good college or landing a good job. Stronger your moral, difficult to get broken by others. Stronger the foundation of your house, better chances of it staying intact during disaster.

This statement might be quite obvious to us because, we are lucky that we are in a generation where the foundation of life has been already laid down by our elders but in the early days, I’m sure that they put in a lot of effort just to understand this statement and apply it in various areas of their lives.

I was intrigued by the thought process this question triggered. I was amazed how one simple question was able to lead us from a simple observation to a life defining fact.

This inspired me to take a closer look at the nature, to find things which might have helped us understand and set standards for our life.

What does this mean?

It means you have a second part coming on this topic. 😀 😉 🙂

Hope you found this interesting. Eager to hear your thoughts on the story and do share with us if you had any such experiences and we will try to post them on our blog.

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