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Significance Of Indian Jewelry


When you imagine a new Indian bride, what do you notice? First comes the beautiful and colorful bridal clothes then you notice the beautiful jewelry the bride has worn. Not many of us know why Indian women wear so much jewelry except for making us look beautiful. So, today I would like to talk about the significance of traditional Indian jewelry.

1. Maang Tika / Papidi Billa / Matha Patti / Papidi Tilakam


In traditional Indian weddings, you can see the bride adorning a maang tika.  In today’s western dressing following Indians you cannot see these ornaments on a daily basis. But you can see few women in Rural India  who still wear them on a everyday basis. So you might be wondering , whats the reason that this came into existence? well the pressure points which come into contact with this piece of jewelry, help to control the body temperature.

2. Nose Ring


In recent years, nose piercings have become a craze and we can see many girls wearing a nose ring. So, next time if you are wondering to get that piercing done or not, don’t think more and just get it done as it has its own benefits.

The nerve endings that which pass through the side of your nose where you get it pierced are connected to the female reproductive organs. so the metal ring absorbs energy from the surface and helps in strengthening those organs . It is also believed that , women who get their noses pierced experience lesser pain in child birth too.

3. Ear Rings


Women all over the world wear beautiful ear rings .making them look even prettier and beautiful. The nerve endings from your ears connect three vital organs of your body – kidneys, brain and cervix. When the right amount of pressure is applied then it helps to strengthen your kidneys and bladder.

4. Necklace / Chains


When you wear a gold chain or a necklace, it just rests above your heart. Apart from making your neck look beautiful it also plays a great role in monitoring your blood circulation and blood pressure levels in your body.

5. Bangles



Girls of all ages love to wear bangles. traditionally Indians wear gold bangles. These gold bangles help to absorb energy from the surface and strengthen your nerves present in your wrists. they also help in improving the blood circulation.

6. Waist Bands


In olden days, women used to wear these waist bands made of gold or silver. These waist bands help you to curtail your growing waist line from all sides .

7. Anklets


All the traditional Indian Anklets were made from silver. Silver helps you to absorb energy from earth and improve the energy levels in your body . The tinkling sound made from the bells is also considered auspicious because it brings good vibrations in your home.

8. Toe Rings

toe rings

We see many of the married women wearing a toe ring. On the lighter side, its what helps the guys in India to identify a married women to an unmarried one so that they can happily try their luck with them..

All jokes apart, the reason why married women are asked to wear a toe ring on the second toe made of silver on their wedding is because, the nerves from this toe go to your uterus and further to your heart. silver is a good conductor hence transmits energy to these organs to strengthen your uterus and improves blood circulation. This also helps in regularizing your menstrual cycle.

So, I guess you know why Indian women wear so much jewelry and the scientific reasons behind wearing them. I hope you liked reading this article.

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