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How To Be Happy In Life

Hello to all you beautiful people out there. Hope you guys are doing great on this fine day. So today, I was wondering what does a person need to be happy in life? is it money? health? if not, then how to be happy? because happiness is something which we all crave for but hard to grasp.

So after doing a lot of research and thinking, I decided on a few aspects which I definitely think bring happiness and joy in your life. So let me know your thoughts on it if I am wrong or if I missed anything. Okay here we go..

1.Begin Your Day With Gratitude  


I don’t know how many of you agree with me on this, but after practicing this for few days I definitely found it effective. when you are thankful to God or anyone, for all your possessions, your family, your job or for any other small part of your life, then you are not prone to be stressed out.

You will be happy with your life and tend be more satisfied with it. When you are grateful, it develops a sense of Positivity  by focusing on what you have, rather than be depressed about what you don’t have.

2. Physical Exercise


If you don’t exercise daily, now is the time to start. Our bodies were not designed to be sitting around all day at a desk job. It stays fit and healthy when it is constantly put to use. When you put your body to work, our brain releases ” happy hormones” or endorphin and we tend to be relaxed and stress free even in tedious conditions . People who workout more tend to be happy than those who don’t.

3. Do What You Love


Since most of our day is spent at our jobs, it can be really frustrating when you don’t love what you do. Going to the workplace daily becomes a chore that you would like to avoid like the plague. Trust Me!! I know the feeling. So, in order to be happy, doing something which you are passionate about, turning your hobby into a profession brings a great sense of peace and satisfaction. I know it can be scary at first, but be brave and take the first step towards a happy life.

4. Practice The Art Of Giving And Forgiveness


In today’s self serving world, we don’t bother to help others in need nor do we easily forget the wrongs committed towards us. This fills our heart with so much negativity and hatred.When you do forgive someone, ( I know its difficult) it reduces the hate and develops a positive attitude within you. When you help some one in need it develops a  sense of peace and brings joy to your heart when you see the smile on their face.

5. Smile More


Smiling makes you happy. Trust me ! Your smile also has the power to brighten up someone’s day. When you feel low or depressed, think of someone or someplace which makes you smile and brings joy to you. Even the physical act of smiling betters your mood and has been scientifically proven too.

These are few of the facts which I have found to be helpful in making me happy.

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