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Do We Need Failure In Our Life ?


Failure ! Failure ! Failure


As soon as we hear these words, we tend to be depressed, start negative thinking and feel absolutely worthless.  But when we give it a serious thought, can you think of a single person who hasn’t failed at least once in life? All the successful people we know of today have faced their own share or failures before becoming what they are today.

I know that I have failed numerous times, when I thought I was good for nothing as the impact of the failure was very severe and also changed my life drastically and not in a good way too. As soon as we find out that we didn’t succeed, we become a shell of person without taking it in a positive light. I know that the mindset of a person who has failed, is not receptive to any positive or motivational advice as I was one among them.

So today I thought let me talk about failure. Though failing hurts, it is vital in a person’s development. I know that nobody enjoys failing but trust me when I say this that it makes us into a better person. It teaches us compassion, humbleness, zeal to try again, empathy and kindness.In fact failure is life’s greatest teacher which helps in molding us into better individuals and successful in the end.

What Is Failure And What Does It Teach Us


So before talking about what we can learn from failure and success, first let us know what failure is in its truest sense. Failure is like a minor hurdle in the race to success. Just like how you fall when learning to ride a bike, when you see a baby wobbling and falling many times before it learns to walk perfectly.

failures as hurdles

The most important lesson that we need to learn from this is that, we must not let these failures stop us in any way. If the baby stops trying to walk  because it was afraid  of falling again will he be able to walk?

If the runner, during his initial days of training gave up because he felt that he cannot run , or he thought himself too exhausted to finish his training then will he able to win in a race?

So we must learn to treat failure as a part of our life and know how to get up every time we fall down. Although  we may fall numerous times and get hurt on the way, we must never ever forget that we need to rise again.

The sad part in today’s society is, when we see successful people we don’t see the hard work or the number of failures which they had overcome in order to be where they are today. We just celebrate the success but do not recognize the effort it took to overcome their failures.

success and failure


Why Should We Fail ?

There are people we see who seem like they are successful all the time and never faced failure. If I have to be honest, people who fail are much better than those rare breed of people in my opinion. Because those who have never failed have not tested their abilities to the maximum ability and never tried for something new.

edison- failure

If Edison felt disheartened that his first attempt at creating the electric bulb failed, then would we have been able to see the current electric bulb which gave way to many modern inventions. Edison tried 10,000 times before he finally invented the most commercially viable electric bulb that we see today. So the next time you fail, just think that it is a stepping stone to success and you are just another try away from your destination. Unless you know failure, you will not understand the sweetness of success.

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