Weird But Cool Stuff To Buy Online


Hey there fellas.. How did you celebrate your Christmas this year? As soon as the day ended,  I regretted not making a post about some crazy stuff you can find online. It would have made for some weird but memorable Christmas gifts. So I thought better late than never. You still have the New Year coming up and another opportunity to buy stuff 😛

So I came across few crazy items I came across on Amazon while shopping for gifts and thought let me share them with you. Here we go with our crazy gift ideas…

Cool Stuff To Buy Online

1.$100 Dollar bill toilet paper roll

100 dollar toilet paper

So, do you wanna feel like a billionaire by wiping your ass with a $100 bill? LOL!! I don’t know who prefers to do that but buying this stuff for less than $10 will satisfy your curiosity about how its gonna feel without actually shedding loads of money to do that … 😀

2. A Back Scratcher

back scratcher

Do you find trouble scratching your back when it starts to itch ? Voila! here is your solution for a peaceful back scratching with breaking your neck or hands.

3. Bacon Flavored Lip Balm


Are you one of those die hard bacon fans? then this lip balm might be just for you. Though I like my lip balm fruit flavored just fine, everyone has a right to buy what they want right??

4. Shock Ball Game

shock balls

I am just happy that these weren’t there when I was a kid or else I would have been shocked to death by the time I finished playing with my friends . This ball produces shock randomly and can be crazy yet fun when hanging out with friends who are as crazy as you.

5. Giant Gummy Bears Party Python

gummy snake

Want to be grossed out and still want to enjoy your favorite gummy bears, then here is your answer. Buy this huge giant gummy bears party python which is 26 pounds weight and more than 8 feet in length. offers 450 servings .. Can actually buy this for a kids birthday party to amuse the kids..

6. UFO Detector

ufo detector

Are you one of those star gazing lovers expecting to watch out for those alien UFO’s you can just buy this from Amazon and pursuit your alien adventures ..

7. Poop Freeze

poop freeze


I don’t know why anybody would want that? but still it is available online for you to buy if you are interested.

8. Unicorn Meatunicorn meat

I never knew whether unicorns were mythical creatures or not but you definitely can buy its meat online from this company.. what does that say??? hmmm ..

9. Coffee Makes You  Poop Mug

poop coffee mug

If you need a not so subtle reminder about the importance of coffee in your life then here is your solution.. 🙂

10. Restroom Sign Boards


Want to convert any room into a restroom just buy these sign boards online and your job is done..  So as of now I am done with this list and will post another article when i find some other crazy stuff online worth mentioning.

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