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Benefits Of Exercise That You Should Know


Hey guys, how are you all doing this fine day? Today, I thought of speaking about the benefits of exercise. I was one of those people who are happy lazing around and avoid working out like hell. But with the encouragement of my brother and my mother nagging at me to get fit and healthy, I took up working out everyday very reluctantly. But trust me people its already working wonders for me. Now I look forward to exercise everyday as within a really short time I feel a change in my energy levels, better mood, more strength to finish my daily chores and still don’t feel stressed out or tired.


I know that the first week of taking up exercise is no less than hell as your all your body is sore and hurts like hell by moving those unused muscles. There lies the challenge of not giving up and continuing. Be strong people and don’t give up as the reward is worthy of your efforts. You will start feeling light and more energetic. Another important note is that, if you are looking forward to loose weight by workouts, don’t start your dieting in the first week itself. As you will feel reduced energy levels and will not be encouraged to workout. So, except for working out lightly in the first week don’t starve yourself too at the same time. You can control your diet after the second week when your body is a little used to working out.

So, once you start exercising, in order to make it a habit, you must at least do it for 21 days. Then it becomes too easy to continue as you will start to benefit from the efforts you are putting into it.

Now lets look into the benefits of exercise and understand why it is necessary for everyone to make it a daily habit.

Benefits Of Exercise

  1. Helps in your weight management issues. As you go on exercising, you start to loose that unnecessary body fat and just retain the muscle and bone weight.
  2. Reduces your chances of heart diseases , strokes, cancers, diabetes etc
  3. Improves your bone and muscle health.
  4. Boosts your mood by releasing your happy hormones 🙂
  5. When you start to take pride in your appearance by possessing a fit body, it definitely improves your confidence and self esteem.
  6. Better energy levels
  7. Boosts Endurance levels
  8. Better and deep sleep
  9. Improved concentration and memory levels
  10. Boosts immune system.

Take the word of a former couch potato and believe that working out daily is definitely worthy of your time and efforts. Try for yourself and let me know if I am wrong . So do try taking up exercise and stay fit and healthy . If you suffer from any health ailments do consult your doctor when you are about to start and take their advice regarding your health.

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